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The “Programs” section is the area where you can manage all the programs you have created, are creating, and will create. It has been separated into three sections to help you remain organized; templates, all programs, and drafts.


The Template section is a place you can keep all the programs you use on a regular basis for easy access. You can mark a program as a template by clicking on the star above the program name when in the “Information” step of building your program. The purpose of a template is to allow you to make a copy of a program and avoid starting from scratch every time. To clone a program, simply click on the three dots to the right of the program and select “Clone,” this will create a copy of said program.

The concept of cloning a program is when you would like to use the same structure which has already been created on a new program. Once a program is cloned, you are free to make any modifications to the structure or swap the exercises as needed.

To facilitate the collaboration and communication between professionals, templates can also be shared between colleagues. This can be done by clicking on the three dots to the right of the program and selecting “Share.” You can then choose which of your colleagues you would like to share the program with.


All Programs

The All Programs section is the place where you can find all the programs you have created on Hexfit. You can filter through them using the program information such as, program name, who it is created for, the create date, etc. You can clone any program in this section in the same fashion explained for templates.


The Draft section is the area where you will find all the programs you are currently working on or have not yet published. Hexfit is an intelligent system, therefore, everything you do on the software will be auto-saved. This means, for example, if you close your browser without explicitly saving your program, it will be auto-saved for you in this section. Of course, if needed, you can always clone a draft program.

Étienne Dubois

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