Understanding the general concepts of Hexfit


The central purpose of Hexfit is to help you optimize the achievement of the individual’s health goals. We’ve realized, the best way to achieve this goal, was by creating a tool for professionals to centralize their clients’ information.

Allowing you to properly plan and analyze their clients’ progress, Hexfit contains three sets of features:

  • Goal Tracking Module : This is the basic module for tracking your customers. You can centralize all the customer information and your interventions. You will be able to plan their goals, track their activities, their evolution and more!
  • Profession specific modules : Since the software is interprofessional, we develop features sets specific to each profession in the field of health and physical activity. We have developed features such as the creation of training programs, which offers a bank of more than 8,000 exercises for kinesiologists, physiotherapists, coaches, etc. or the food journal and the creation of nutritional recommendations for nutritionists.
  • Extensions : These are the sets of features available for more specific needs. We have extensions related to analysis, performance, organization and more.


Specifically, we have created a software that contains several features, the main ones are:

  • File Management: Allowing you to completely centralize your client’s information, interventions, notes, etc.
  • Report & Tracking: Allowing you to record your client’s data, analyse it overtime, and see their evolution.
  • Communication between professional and with your clients: Collaborate with colleagues and other professionals in your clients’ files by sharing necessary information. Moreover, share pertinent information and prescriptions with your clients, all the while having a direct messenger to communicate with them.
  • Organization: Manage the structure of your business and the access of your employees.


Whether our functions are communication or analysis based, they all focus on our central goal of helping your clients achieve their health goals. Because every client has different goals and aspirations, we have created a flexible software that can help you with every level of your clientele. Whether they want to lose 10 pounds, have less pain in their day to day tasks, or go to the Olympics, Hexfit has the tools to help you take them there.

Étienne Dubois

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