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Hexfit is the tracking software that has already won over 5000 personal trainers. You too, can take your business to the next level by starting your free trial now!

Scale your training business with Hexfit - The #1 personal trainer app!

Hexfit is a software developed for sports and fitness professionals looking to improve their offer through a personal training app. Hexfit's features were developed to save time and improve the service of personal trainers: choose a personal training app allowing you to create workout plans, establish fitness goals and simplify administrative tasks associated with personal training.

A unique vision

With + than 10 years of experience in the field of software and fitness, Hexfit has a clear vision about the real needs of your clients.

This vision is the accompaniment 360.

Priority = Service

With an average response time of 2 minutes, our customers are constantly surprised by our efficacity. The service dimension is so important to help you maximize the software that we are always there to help you.

A flexible software

Everyone is unique, and at Hexfit we understand it. That’s why we have created a software that can be customized depending on your way of working. A software where every component can be modified for you without difficulty.

We truly believe that we have created the highest quality solution for objective follow-up on the market.

What can personal trainers do with our training application

Program creation

Quickly create detailed programs of any kind (tabata, crossfit, cardio, etc.) that will keep your clients motivated with Hexfit's signature interactive experience.

Files management

Centralize all your client’s data in their respective files in order to save valuable time, avoid oversights and ensure a quality accompaniment.

Mobile app

The ideal tool for following-up with your clients even at distance and for continuously monitoring their progress. Your clients will be able to ask you questions at any time and thus to perceive your added value and continue to evolve in your absence. 

Billing and appointments

Hexfit makes it easier and safer for personal trainers to manage their finances, including invoicing as well as tracking customer payments online. Reduce significantly the administrative burden and the error rate by automating your billing and your schedule management. You will be able to focus on the core of your profession, because Hexfit takes care of the rest!

Nutritional tracking

The nutrition module was developed for nutritionists by nutritionists and includes a set of features that support you in your specific tasks on a daily basis. Hexfit offers you all the tools needed to help your clients reach their goals.


Data analysis is now a breeze! All your customer data can be analyzed easily and quickly with the graphs generated by Hexfit: the collected data willl help you analyze progress and determine the next activities needed for your clients to achieve individual goals and improve physical performance.


Make the accompanying service your greatest strength!

Progress tracking

Our personal trainer app allows users to track their progress and connect to smartwatches and other tracking apps. The latest technologies are compatible with Hexfit, allowing users to synchronize their data and access richer and more easily accessible information. Smartwatches compatible with Hexfit include Polar, Fitbit, Garmin and Strava. Of course, sports coaches have access to this information.

Spend as much time training with your clients as possible

While you may see these administrative tasks as an inherent part of all personal trainers' responsibilities (and they are!), the hours you spend on them can cap the number of clients you're able to take on—which, in turn, limits your business's profitability and impact.

Bring your services to the next level with a personal trainer app by Hexfit

One of our goals at Hexfit is to help the professions of sport and health grow. That's why we are dedicated to creating content in collaboration with experts in their fields and therefore spreading knowledge.

Whether it's for business advice or for your day-to-day work, you've come to the right place. Follow us on our different platforms to stay informed!

Choose Hexfit as your personal trainer software

Choosing Hexfit for personal training is choosing a flexible software, a complete application, and an attentive and responsive team. Whether you are self-employed or a personal trainer in a sports club, Hexfit will meet your needs perfectly!

Learn more about our personal trainer app and its advantages

What is a personal trainer app?

A personal trainer app is an app that provides personal training sessions on your smartphone or smart device, helping clients improve their exercise routine and achieve wellness goals. Unlike other fitness apps that offer pre-recorded workouts, personal trainer apps connect customers with a certified coach or trainer for live sessions. These sessions typically involve developing a personalized workout and wellness plan based on a client's specific needs and schedule. In addition to live sessions, many personal trainer apps also offer on-demand videos and other resources to enhance their client's routine and provide nutrition and wellness coaching.

A personal trainer app is also the perfect tool for fitness professionals looking to improve the quality of their services and automate various tasks! Using a personal trainer app offers a better way to plan and track workouts, easy access to nutrition and exercise information, and the ability to communicate with clients quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of a personal trainer application for fitness professionals?

Using a personal training app, fitness professionals are able to create a fitness routine that fits the goals, preferences, and schedule of their different clients without having to travel to a gym every time. This is the ideal solution for experienced trainers who may not be accessible in person due to geographical distance. Furthermore, virtual personal training lets you control many different factors directly on the Hexfit training app: whether your clients exercise at home or in a gym, you can track their progress and offer personalized services at any time.

Why is Hexfit the perfect app for fitness coaches?

Hexfit brings together fitness professionals and experienced developers in order to create the best features for program creation, client tracking and nutrition. The goal of Hefix is simple: win customer loyalty, increase your income, improve your business structure and save you time!

Increase customer loyalty

At Hexfit, we understand that follow-ups are crucial to helping clients achieve their health goals. That's why our mobile app is designed to provide a constant connection between you and your clients. With the ability to ask you questions at any time, they can continue to progress even when you're not physically present.

The app also automatically collects data from your clients' smartwatches, making it easy to track their progress and communicate with them about their progress. This not only helps them see the value of your services, but also helps build customer loyalty.

Increase your income

Offering personal training services through Hexfit exponentially increases the perceived value of your offer for clients. The ability to contact you at any time through the application, a simple and efficient way to pay for your services and a wide range of additional features are all essential to creating a personalized training experience for each client. Better services allow you to increase your rate!

Improve your business structure

The Hexfit personal trainer app includes a complete and interactive training program, messaging and conferencing, a food diary, and more. You can also easily schedule and manage appointments, share results and graphics, and even customize the app with your own branding. With easy billing and payment options, the Hexfit app makes it simple to run your personal training business from anywhere.

Save you time and money

Your time is precious so when a task can be automated, it should be! The software allows you to keep the human contact even with a growing customer base:

  • Create processes (welcoming new clients, interventions, etc.);
  • Create forms;
  • Automatically share questionnaires;
  • Duplicate programs;
  • Manage groups;

What are the most popular features of our personal trainer app?

Create personalized training programs

  • Suitable for all types of duration and support
  • In-depth planning and management of customer follow-ups
  • Duplicate workout plans and training programs easily

Take advantages of over 9,000 animated exercises

  • Extensive: concerns all areas of APS
  • Scalable: more than 60 new exercises per month
  • Your requests added
  • Accompanied by illustrations, animations and clear instructions
  • Editable at your discretion!

Benefit from advanced management tools directly on your training app

  • Company reports
  • Management of the planning and frequency of activities
  • Remote monitoring of your client's fitness level
  • Centralization of your activities
  • Online payment
  • Management of sessions and appointments with your clients

What parts of a personal trainer's administrative work is automated by HexFit?

An element that is regularly underestimated by personal trainers in their day-to-day operations is administrative work. As a personal trainer, you will quickly realize that administrative tasks take up a significant amount of time and can slow down your growth, as each new client you onboard creates more work:

  1. Scheduling appointments
  2. Completing and tracking forms and waivers
  3. Following up on out-of-the-gym tasks (e.g., daily stretches to improve mobility)
  4. Keeping session notes to refer to in the future
  5. Creating invoices and processing payments, and more

Delegate tasks that do not create direct value for your business thanks to Hexfit's personal trainer app. Let our application take the endless administrative work off your schedule, saving you hours of desk work so you can focus on what's most important for your business.

Is technical knowledge required to use the Hexfit coaching app?

It is not necessary to have special technical knowledge to use the Hexfit personal trainer application. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, so users can easily track their workout plan and achieve their fitness goals. If you have any questions about using the app, you can always contact Hexfit support for help.

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