The new version of Physigraphe

Physigraphe in a completely revisited version! More than 8400 exercises in image and animation, all filtered at several levels to allow you a quick research.

  • Muscle
  • Equipments (TRX, bosu, tire, etc.)
  • Positions
  • Other (Yoga, Aquatic, etc.)

Everything is now available through the Hexfit platform, you can create your complex workout routines easily.

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Create complex exercise programs easily.

Developed with Physigraphe, the largest exercises bank.

Create Exercise Programs

Easily create complex exercise programs. Any type of workout are supported; group, cardio, progressions, interval, super sets and lots more.

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Exercise Bank

Enjoy over 6600 animated exercises with images and videos from Physigraphe. Fully customize the exercise bank by adding your own exercises and editing the existing ones.

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More features

Improve your pratice with a powerful personal trainer software.

Long Term Planning

Plan ahead of time which methods will be used in the different training cycles of your clients.

Reports and Statistics

Analyse your clients' physical data to guide your decisions in matters of health, injury prevention and objective achievement.

Physical Tests

Improve your customer service by giving a complete and personalized health report to your customers.

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Activity Calendar

Automatically view the information from your clients' completed activities and plan those that need to be done in the future.


Save and share with your clients all the documents they need to achieve their goals.


Manage all your groups in one place. Do one action to complete many.


Communication is essential for your clients' success. Stay in contact without any extra effort.

Physical & Medical Data

In the same place, keep all the important information with regards to your clients' physical condition and health status.


Thanks to our intervention system, you can keep an eye on all of the actions done by you or other professionals related to your files.

Connect Wearable Devices

Ask your clients' to connect their wearable devices, like Polar, Fitbit, Strava, etc., and analyse all of the automatically synced data.