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Review of Daniel Dery, working at Club Sportif MAA

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Review date : 10-11-2018

Customer name : Daniel Dery

Title : Operations Officer, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, PowerWatts Coach, Indoor Cycling

Company : Clinique de Médecine Sportive - Club Sportif MAA

Indusry, Company size : Sports, 201-500 employees

Used Product For:  6-12 months

Company website :



 Many exercises -Top customer service -Requesting new exercises is an easy and fast process (>36h) -Quick software when searching for exercises -Simple UI -I like the ''Session'' within a same training program. Perfect to do split days trainings with a session for each day



The exercises we want is not always in the databank, yet there is no option to ''Flag'' the undesired alternative we put in client's program. Should have the option to ''Flag''. With a 'flag', both client and trainer would see this exercise needs to be changed and therefore know that the image is not quite like we demonstrated during our private session. As soon as the exercise has been added in HexFit, we would locate the ''flags'' and change them. -Cannot drag elements like ''weight'', ''note'', ''reps'' etc. Therefore, you MUST add these elements in the correct order. It's tedious when you already wrote all your weights and reps and then notice that the parameter not all in the same order as the previous exercises. -No phone app to create programs


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