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Review of Leon Nkendzap, working at LionFitnessX

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Review date : 07-17-2019

Customer name : Leon Nkendzap

Title : Trainer

Company : LionFitnessX

Industry, Company Size : Health, Wellness and Fitness, Self-employed

Used Product For: Less than 6 months

Company website :




I found the software very user friendly and the program set up is really great. Also your software support was really great. He was patient and willing to assist whenever I needed help.



It was not easy to remove clients when they quit the programme as well as re-instate them. Their seems to be a delay on the chat function. I can utilize the chat function faster in WhatsApp or messenger than hex fit. Also when you enter and due to delay clients tend to enter multiple times and the same message then appears multiple time.


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