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Review of Wilton McCallum, working at Wiltons Fitness & Wellness

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Review date : 10 - 17 - 2019

Customer name : Wilton McCallum

Title : CSC and Personal trainer

Company : Wiltons Fitness & Wellness

Industry, Company Size : Health, Wellness and Fitness, Self-employed

Used Product For: 1-2 years

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I purchased the physiograph years ago and enjoyed using it. It did require a bit of time putting exercise routines together. Then I stumbled upon Hexfit. I saw it was the same as exercise physiographe and immediately tried it out. Here's why I love using Hexfit software. As with physiographe clip art, I love the simple renditions of exercise movements. Most executed with good form. The movements are not some super fit-chic or muscle-bound guy that may be intimidating to some clients. I love the ability to print workout programs with pictures for my client to have in hand while on the gym floor. It eliminates wasted TIME searching for exercise videos over the phone (that may have incorrect form). I am a trainer that feels recovery time between sets is an important variable in program design. I build it into my programs. My older and senior clients love to have printed workout programs in hand.



The quality and view of exercise programs as they are presented on the app are not so good.


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