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In certain regions such as Quebec, continuing education is an obligation for certain professional orders in order to be able to practice as a kinesiologist (equivalent to physical trainer in France). It is also of great importance for all sports and fitness professions, since you are working in a field that is constantly evolving.

The challenge of continuing education in France 

It is essential to have a good education to practice a profession in the field of sport and fitness, no matter where you are in the world. However, in France especially, there is no obligation to upgrade skills and knowledge every year, which can be a long-term issue. Apprenticeship is sort of an option that some people use, or not. 

Why train? 

"Life is all about learning". 

We need to go back to the basics; people who forget to train or don't want to train eventually feel isolated and overwhelmed. They may feel like they've missed the train, which causes frustration. 

It's no secret that everything is changing so quickly, especially in the health care field! To keep up, you need to keep up. That's just a given.

But how do you find the right training and where do you start?

Don't be fooled by visuals, headlines, programs or even influencers that will speak with great certainty about a course. You need to outsmart these cognitive biases. 




To learn what you can do to find the right course for you, watch the entire episode!

Use an essential tool for your customer follow-up!

A software like Hexfit allows you to better follow your client's evolution and to optimize your coaching, both in person and remotely.

With several key features:

  • Periodization and planning of your clients' long-term goals.
  • Automated sending of weekly questionnaires and forms.
  • Alerts of a drop in motivation among your clients.
  • Graphical analysis and monitoring of results in real time.
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