We have seen in the last year a huge amount of apps and services in our industry. Artificial intelligence is already being used to provide tailored, personalized fitness experiences and training programs that are more efficient and effective than ever before.

The Personal Training industry has been disrupted by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

But should we be scared?

AI provides an opportunity for kinesiologists, personals trainers and other professionals to optimize their services and increase their reach.

In this blog post we will discuss :

    1. The impact of AI on Personal Training
    2. Opportunities for trainers
    3. How Hexfit integrates AI into their services

We will also ask ourselves if and how AI is changing the way professionals do their jobs and whether this is a good or bad thing.

Is Personal Training in Danger with AI?

Personal training is not in danger, but it is important to understand that, to not be in danger, you need to focus on what generate true value for your clients. This is what will be the key to success. 

If you are simply copy-pasting training programs right now, you will be easily replaced by AI. No matter if you are doing it with better quality, some app will do it faster and cheaper than you.

However, if you focus on understanding the needs and goals of your clients, that you make sure to keep a human touch with the clients and that you are creative to renew their motivation when it’s going down, you will continue to prosper.

In short, AI will make you more efficient, so you can focus on what makes you different: the human touch. You'll be able to serve more people with better quality training by having AI do some of the heavy lifting for you (like tracking progress or delivering personalized recommendations).

And if AI helps us deliver better results at an affordable price point, then your clients will have fewer reasons not to make business with you.

What are the opportunities for Personal Trainers with AI ?

In order to succeed in this new world of personal training, it is essential that you move beyond what you do best and transform your business into a place where people go because they want to be there.

You need to find ways to add value above and beyond your expertise as a trainer.

What are the most common reasons people decide not to come for their workouts?

  • The same old, stale workout routine gets boring.
  • They don't feel like they're getting results fast enough.
  • They're too busy with work, family life or other commitments in their lives that leave little time left over for exercise and healthy living (or worse).

Your value proposition as an AI-assisted personal trainer must include customer service and human touch—the difference between good trainers and great ones is often determined by how much they care about their clients' overall wellbeing outside of just fitness goals or lifting heavier weights at the gym each day. 

It's also important that you provide clients with individualized attention; no two people are alike, so why should their workouts be the same?

By offering one-on-one training sessions (or small groups) instead of huge group classes (which require less interaction), clients will feel more valued than ever before!

Consider the AI as a tool to help you gain in efficiency in your daily tasks and to get the right information at the right moment.

How Hexfit integrate AI

The world of personal training is becoming increasingly competitive, and trainers are having to work harder than ever to stay ahead of the competition.

At Hexfit, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the game and that’s why we’ve developed an AI-based software that allows trainers to streamline their processes and save time.

Hexfit’s AI-integrated software helps personal trainers manage their daily tasks with greater efficiency and quality.

The AI in Hexfit is giving you :

  • Pre-made messages

  • Alerts for clients

  • Motivation alerts

  • and much more

These features allow trainers to stay organized and in control of their clients’ progress without having to devote time to manually managing tasks.

Our AI-integrated software also provides personalized insights to help professionals make better decisions. By using AI-driven algorithms, Hexfit can analyze data and generate insights that can help you find the best approaches for your clients. This allows trainers to provide more tailored and effective advice, helping them to give the best service they can offer.

By integrating AI into the software, Hexfit is giving personal trainers the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition and offer their best services to their clients.

In short

AI is here to stay. The industry has evolved over the past few years, and now it's time for personal trainers to catch up.

Personal trainers are not threatened by AI but rather, they can use it to their advantage. This way you will be able to focus on what matters most: your clients' progress and results rather than wasting time on things that can be easily automated by the AI in Hexfit.

With Hexfit, you'll be able to gain in service quality and attract more clients! At the end, it’s just more revenue for you.

It is important that as a trainer, you keep up with the latest trends in technology and incorporate these new strategies into your business plan. The more creative and innovative you are when it comes to finding ways to engage clients, the better chance you have at keeping them happy with their experience.

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