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Fitness professionals: 85% of potential clients are waiting for you!

The history of fitness is quite simple; it comes from body building.
Bodybuilders, those ultra-motivated athletes, ready to make their physical training a full-time job.

We see it in almost every country, gyms and their first customers always have a very specific profile, but they are not as motivated as bodybuilders, they are even rather rare.

People who want to keep fit and maintain their health usually go to gyms. Surprisingly, only 15% of the Canadian population work out in a gym, even though most of the population answers "Yes" when asked: "Do you want to stay healthy?


But then, what's the problem? Why aren't there more people in the gym? Or rather, how do we expand our pool of potential clients by going after the remaining 85% rather than fighting each other for the 15%?


Changing the discourse to reassure

The most heard pitch in our industry is "Come work out 3x/week minimum to get a result", pretty much most coaches say the same thing.

The reality is that not everyone wants to or can lock themselves in a gym for an hour to lift weights or run on a treadmill.


By the way, did you know that the treadmill was originally invented as a torture device?
It was even banned because it was too cruel...

So let's change our discourse and talk about global health. Let's accept that our client works out anywhere and doesn't necessarily promote weight loss, shapely buttocks and stop only calculating reps.


A gym can be intimidating

Did you know that a large portion of people who don't want to go to a gym say they are intimidated by the place?

The current design of gyms looks like a big space with machines, mirrors, and people with big muscles pulling weights on the floor. 

How do we want a person, for whom this is the first approach in a gym, to feel comfortable? Even the trainers are often too muscular...


We invite you to think about finding solutions rather than asking why people don't want to train:

  • Smaller venues? More walls?
  • Remove the mirrors?
  • Create centers or hours for specific clientele?
  • Better support for new clients? 

On this last point, the personal trainer has a more than important role. A person who is new to a gym should have 100% of your attention and investment. This can be done through a free session, a recurring call or even providing a connected watch...

A word of advice

If your team is not aware of the people currently in the gym for whom it is the first time, you have a lead, even a challenge!

So let's make our places places of trust, let's cultivate a positive energy and happiness. More simplicity and less competition, results and weight.

Finding solutions and evolving our industry

We all want to be fit and healthy, but we don't necessarily want to go to a gym.

"I want to get back into shape, but I don't like lifting weights in a gym."

 "I'd like to stay in shape, but I'm not comfortable in a gym"... 

These are all questions that we need to find answers to in our industry. If you have a club, you have a wonderful opportunity to have expertise.

Let's accompany our clients in our gym as well as in their run in the park or even in their small daily acts like their 15 squats a day for 1 month!




As an industry, we need to be successful in attracting new customers and growing the pool rather than competing and fighting for 15% of the population.

Let's work together to move from an industry of fit people who become more fit, to a mass industry where everyone trains for better overall health!

Camille Boutin

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