How to find employees for your gym

The labor shortage is currently affecting almost every industry. COVID has made the situation worse, so many of our trainers have switched jobs or are now self-employed as independent coaches.

In many cases, gyms are even trying to cut costs and limit risk by using freelancers instead of hiring their own employees. It is then not very complicated for these independent coaches to leave the company, often taking the clientele with them, and have 100% of the income.

It is obvious that all sectors and industries must have cohesion, and just as we find doctors in medical clinics, finding coaches in specific locations is a mark of professionalism and expertise.

Fortunately, our industry has many advantages to deal with this labor shortage, find out why right now!

Putting coaching at the center of your offer 

If personal training is at the center of your communication and your convictions, and you believe in its advantage for your center and your clients, align yourself with that!

Don't hesitate to pay coaches a fixed salary and why not a commission like salesmen and saleswomen.

Yes, it is more risky but as in all fields, you have to put in the effort to make it work. Let's be honest, the stories of heavy administrative charges are only excuses not to get involved at 100%. 

When the structure itself doesn't encourage results and motivate its teams to achieve them, it's impossible to have invested employees and aligned results. It's as simple as that.

A coach will be much more motivated to seek out and bring in new clients if he gets a financial return from you. You'll both win!

You may even see many coaches applying for jobs because they know about the benefits your company offers.

Optimize your actions to pamper your customers 

Generally, a coach manages between 10 and 30 clients but well optimized it is quite possible to go much higher!

How can you do this? Thanks to a software like Hexfit that allows to fluidify the actions of the professional and to automatically bring up the follow-ups to be done. 

For example, it is possible to create different follow-up packages for coaching, with less face-to-face time. 

You can be alerted :

  • when your customer stops coming,
  • when your customer has broken his record,
  • when it's his birthday

It's very simple, by increasing the number of clients followed by a trainer, you increase the profitability of this one as well as the client satisfaction. The latter will feel accompanied in their objectives and pampered.

Discover the advantages of using a client tracking software like Hexfit with our article "The usefulness of a client tracking software for sports coaches".


As you can see, there are many ways to deal with the labour shortage.  The key is to have the audacity to change things in order to stand out from the competition.

What if you dared to offer an attractive fixed salary as well as commissions to your employees? 

What if you dared to optimize your actions to increase the number of clients per coach thanks to a follow-up software?

Camille Boutin

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