Hexfit Trends : a positive and quick look at the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is constantly changing. Between work, family and hobbies, fitness professionals don't have time to keep up to date.

" That's why we created Hexfit Trends: the tool that synthesizes fitness news into a breath of fresh air. "

Etienne Dubois

Founder, Hexfit

You’ll find :

    • Current trends
    • News from the industry
    • Ideas and tools for professionals
    • Relevant articles
    • Educational events
    • Content for your clients

Who is Hexfit Trends for?

Sports & Fitness professionals who want to :

  • stay informed about the industry
  • learn more about their profession
  • be part of a community of serious professionals
  • improve the support of their clients

" Staying on top of the industry has never been easier! "

Barbara Manivet

Marketing Expert, Hexfit

To take part in Hexfit Trends :

The mission of Hexfit Trends

The mission of Hexfit Trends is simple: to democratize the access to the good practice of sport.

Access to proper sport practice has a monumental impact on the health of the population. This requires access to a physical activity professional. It is the duty of the professional to be on the lookout for the latest trends and technological advances in the field in order to ensure adequate support for their clients.

This is why we provide free access to educational resources, trend monitoring and qualitative advice for professionals.

In the end, we are working towards a better world, all together.

Camille Boutin

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