Software for coaches: how to use it in the classroom

We regularly see coaches using sports tracking software to develop an online business while also having face-to-face clients. A software like Hexfit has a much wider use than just online coaching!

At the very beginning, Hexfit was created for face-to-face coaching. The goal was to improve the follow-up of clients and increase the revenues of health professionals.

The remote coaching features are a minority of the Hexfit tool, so you need to learn how to use your software in front of your clients in order to use it to its full potential and gain in quality of service.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use Hexfit in front of your clients and how to do it!


Hexfit as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool

    Whether you're in person or remotely, it's important to manage your clients' files well. This means having a space where all of your clients' information is centralized.

    • Use the notes on the file to remember all the little details about your prospects and clients. You'll look more friendly and professional if you go to a client and remember their dog's name.
    • Use the folders to record each person's contact information, phone number, email and address. Have you ever thought of sending a bouquet of flowers in the mail to your prospects and clients when it's their birthday? Guaranteed success!
    • You need to schedule appointments and good news, Hexfit makes it easy! Don't waste any more time calling your clients back to find a common time slot.
    • Automating your billing process in Hexfit will not only save you precious time, but will also ensure an efficient management of your revenues. You will be able to view the balance and unpaid invoices of each client in their files and even send payment alerts.
    • Centralize your clients' data (weight, height, body fat percentage, etc.) without losing any of it, from the beginning to the end of your care, year after year. You will be able to present the evolution to your client and thus, concretize the results of your services.
    • If you take pictures of your clients, or any other documents, you must have a space where you can put them and keep them: Medical history | Physical tests | Notes | Results.


    Hexfit allows you to professionalize your image as a coach

          People work with you to benefit from your expertise. You have sold them a skill and they have decided to trust you.

          How do you think they will evaluate the level of your expertise if you give them a training program made on Word with standard images from the Internet?

          • Are you used to listing your client's program and details verbally?

          → Arrive at your client's home and put their program on the salon or gym screen. If you don't have either, start the program on your tablet anyway. You will have the timings automatically, you will be able to keep notes on the exercises and have the history of what you did with the client later.

          • Do you keep your clients' physical test results in your head or on a piece of paper?

          → Do you do body fat calculations with the calculator on your cell phone? Imagine your client's perception at that moment. Hexfit contains over 150 standardized physical tests with their automated calculations.

          • You are probably thinking, "I know where I am going with the client. That's fine, but if the client doesn't know, they will leave you quickly. Who would pay for a cab without knowing where they're going?

          → Create a goal and plan with your clients. You'll be able to quickly show them that you have structure and goals for them. They will feel accompanied toward a goal.

          • Can they write to you if they have questions on a morning when they don't have an appointment with you? Maybe you gave them your Whatsapp, that's good enough. But they're not your friend, you want a pro relationship with them.

          → Use the app's messaging: for your clients, consulting the app is a unique space to view their sports tracking, including exchanges with their professional! And for you, it's more comfortable, as Whatsapp creates an expectation of instant response from your clients. By switching to Hexfit messaging, the expectation is more adapted to your real response time.

          Hexfit unlocks new revenue streams

          Okay, today you're selling coaching hours. That's good, but it's still not enough.

          If you really want your business to take off, you need to sell packages, including to your face-to-face clients.

          To do that, you have to be able to show that your service goes beyond the hours you spend face-to-face with the client.



          • Your client will sometimes want to do activities on their own (without you). Are you currently able to congratulate him or make changes to his program? Hexfit is connected to all watches on the market and alerts you directly when your client is doing sports. Encourage your customers to connect their watch or to buy one!
          • Do evaluations on a regular basis. Hexfit contains over 150 physical tests available in a few clicks!
          • Create daily, weekly or monthly tasks for your customers. This allows you to keep in touch with them even when you are not there. E.g. Eat fruit instead of chips in the evening.
          • Make sure you follow up with clients regularly based on certain factors. Their program has expired or is more than 12 weeks old, you should definitely write to them! The today tab in Hexfit is there for that, it quickly gives you the follow-ups you need to do.

          By putting all this in place, you can take your hourly rate, multiply it by the number of times you see the client in a month and increase that price by 30%, find out how to increase your prices.

          In brief 

          You are a professional, so you have to behave like one. Hexfit costs on average 89$ / month. Do you think you will save at least 1 hour per month? Or will you get 5 or even 18 more customers per month? Or will you just save one customer from churn?

          If so, the subscription pays for itself!

          Camille Boutin

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