Best Apps For A Personal Trainer

Personal trainers have been a vital part of the fitness industry for decades, but with the rise of technology over the last few years, personal trainers have to stay up to date on the best apps that can help them make their jobs more efficient.

It has never been easier to manage your clients and their routines than when using mobile applications. With various features like tracking progress, creating personalized plans, and reminders, these apps allow trainers to ensure their clients remain on track and reach their goals. If you are a personal trainer, keep reading to discover some of the best apps that you can download to make your life easier.


The 10 Best Apps For Fitness Coaches

From nutrition plans to cloud-based software, personal trainer apps can help coaches take their business to the next level. Here's a look at the ten best apps out there that every personal training business should consider.


Hexfit is one of the best fitness apps for coaches. Its full suite of features makes managing your business easier than ever: 

  • Program creation: Personal trainers can quickly create personalized programs of any kind (tabata, crossfit, cardio, etc.) to keep their clients motivated. The software’s intuitive interface allows you to drag exercises into your programs and rearrange them in no time.
  • Files management: The software gathers a wide variety of information about your clients (medical and allergy information, history of injuries, activity calendar, SMART goals, etc.) which allows you to offer them high quality services. 
  • Mobile app: Hexfit it the ideal tool to accompany your clients remotely, continuously monitor their progress, develop their autonomy and keep the proximity and loyalty. Your clients can easily find the programs and circuits that you have created for them. They can complete their exercises without touching their phone thanks to the timer and sound cues.
  • Billing and appointments: The app allows coaches to minimize administrative work and errors by automating their billing and schedule management. Personal trainers can focus on the core of their profession because Hexfit takes care of the rest!
  • Nutritional tracking: Hexfit includes a complete and flexible meal plan creation module. Coaches can review the details of their clients’ food diary and automatically generate custom progress charts.
  • Data analysis: Data visualization has never been easier! Personal trainers can quickly create and share custom graphics that show progress, load tracking, monotonicity, index of fraicheur, etc.
  • Etc.

Hexfit offers more than just basic personal training software; with its easy-to-use dashboard, you can create customized training plans tailored specifically to each client. If you're still unsure to switch from your current system to Hexfit, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial period and test out all the features without any commitment. 

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TrueCoach is a personal trainer management software that is designed to make life as easy and convenient as possible for personal trainers and their clients. This application offers has different features such as appointment bookings, progress tracking, nutrition programs, gym membership, etc. In addition, there are premium features like client management and individual coaching, giving trainers more options than ever.



Striive is a comprehensive tool that helps personal trainers manage their clients and build successful training sessions. It’s an interactive platform for both the trainer and client, with features such as exercise videos, audio coaching, nutrition tracking, and strength training programming. 

The key benefits of using Striive include:

  • Workout videos: trainers can create custom video programs for each client, or even share workout plans within a team of trainers.
  • Experienced trainer: coaches have access to more experienced trainers who can provide further advice on exercises and other related topics.
  • Training sessions: with a user-friendly interface and customizable templates, Striive makes it simple to plan effective workouts tailored specifically for each individual client’s goals. 



Gymcatch is a comprehensive application for personal trainers, gym owners and studios that gives them the tools to create their own fitness and training programs. With it's pre-built exercise library, users can easily create customized workouts and fitness challenges tailored to their clients. Fitness assessments allow trainers to get an accurate measure of their client’s current level of physical health. The Gymcatch app also provides access to workouts from some of the world’s top fitness professionals, which sets it apart from other similar apps. 



Teamup is a great app for personal trainers and fitness experts, providing them with a platform to manage their clients with ease. With this app, you can create customized plans that use different fitness modalities, tailored specifically for each client's needs. In addition, it allows users to design daily workouts and have on-demand sessions, in case your client wants some extra challenge!

The main feature of Teamup’s workout app is the ability to easily connect with clients and track their progress. Another great benefit of using Teamup’s training programs is the ease with which you can schedule sessions or classes, whether online or offline. When time comes for payment, everything is handled by Teamup too, making billing easier than ever!

Here are different reasons why Teamup stands out:

  • Create unlimited customized training plans per month;
  • Unlimited access to thousands of exercise videos;
  • Get detailed feedback after each workout;
  • Track payments & subscriptions effortlessly.



Clubright is the perfect application for personal trainers who want to stay on top of their clients' goals, journeys and plans. With Clubright, you can create detailed workout plans tailored to each client's individual needs and track progress with photos taken at each step of the journey. You can also generate reports to analyze performance data and see exactly how your clients are progressing towards their fitness goals.

Clubright connects people working toward similar fitness goals while offering a secure space where they can exchange tips and advice on how best to reach those milestones along the way. Clubright provides personal trainers with a set of essential tools to effectively manage client relationships while keeping everyone motivated throughout their fitness journey. 


Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach offers great features to keep your clients on track and make sure they reach their fitness goals. In addition, exercise demos are available to give users visual instructions on how to properly perform certain workout sessions. This personal training app also has a library of classes designed by industry experts. In addition, body assessments let you create personalized programs based on individual needs.

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This real-time platform offers unlimited access to core exercises and physical activity plans designed specifically for personal trainers and their clients. With this business model, personal trainers can book appointments with clients while being able to monitor client progress in real time. 

WellnessLiving's premium membership allows users access to a comprehensive set of features, including messaging tools, research capabilities, scheduling options, payment tracking tools, and analytics reports. All of these features streamline processes such as record keeping and data management from a single dashboard, making it easier than ever for personal trainers to track their workflows without having to manually enter information into multiple systems. Plus, the ability to quickly assess client performance helps professional coaches accurately identify areas for improvement in order to tailor customized workout programs accordingly.


Coach's Eye

Coach's Eye is an app that provides top tier resources to fitness professionals in their quest to help others reach their goals. This app gives coaches access to hundreds of instructional videos from its Fitness Lab library, as well as on-demand workout videos they can use with clients. It also includes client apps, so users can track their meals and activities outside of sessions with trainers or coaches. 


Coach Catalyst

Step into the world of Coach Catalyst, an app that puts you in charge of your own fitness plan. If you're a personal trainer or gym coach and want to take control of your daily exercise routine, this is the right tool for you. Not only does it give you access to personalized training tools, but it also allows you to customize your brand. The app provides detailed instructions on how to complete exercises correctly, as well as offers reminders about upcoming classes or sessions. The best part? It helps those seeking results fast by tracking their progress over time through stats like heart rate, weight loss/gain, reps completed per session, etc., making it easy to monitor improvements without having to manually log data every time. 


The Best Personal Trainer App

A personal trainer's job is to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. With the Hexfit app, any trainer can do this more effectively and efficiently. With this training app at their disposal, fitness trainers are able to better serve their clients by working together to achieve health and wellness goals.

No matter what type of program your coach implements, whether it's an individualized approach or a group program, this personal trainer management software includes key features to enhance your coaching experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coach looking for new ideas and a user-friendly solution, Hexfit should be at the top of your list.

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