COVID-19: 5 tips to maintain active services with your clients remotely

Protect your job/business despite confinement #socialdistancing


Shutdowns and population confinement are already a reality in several countries, for at least two weeks; probably more. In this context, sports coaches, personal trainers, kinesiologists, all fitness and wellness professionals must adap. A complete pause is not an option, neither for you nor for your clients!

How to adapt your coaching to this context, where everyone stays at home? How to maintain effective support for your customers, and help them stay motivated and maintain their physical activity?

Hexfit proposes 5 principles so that you and your customers stay active, while respecting the social distancing this global health crisis has imposed on us all.

Tip #1 : Make your clients accountable for their objectives !

In a context where you cannot see your customers and give them the same support as usual, it is important to make them accountable for their objective so that they stay on schedule. Here's how to help them:

  • Encourage them to keep the Hexfit app handy.
    Make sure your customers have downloaded the Hexfit mobile app; it's the best communication / sharing bridge you have. With the Hexfit mobile app at hand, you stay close to them, even from a distance!
    Available on iPhone and iPad for larger exercise format.
  • Set goals in Hexfit: this will allow your customers to follow their progress without losing sight of the target, despite the change in lifestyle during confinement. You will be able to monitor the achievement of sub-objectives and keep the motivation at a higher level.
  • Share graphs in Hexfit: to maintain motivation, there is nothing like seeing results of our efforts! Share progress graphs with your customers!
  • Keep testing them ! Teach them how to do some physical tests that you were doing together to keep track of their improvement (See in tip 5 how to ease that process).

Tip #2 : Keep contact !

Solutions exist to maintain contact. This is essential in this period of confinement which undermines the motivation of your customers. They need you more than ever and you can be there. here's how :

  • Don't cancel all your appintments: do not change anything to the rate of appointments fixed with your customers. On top of the monitoring in Hexfit, your clients will be happy about that you keep following up with them !
  • Use video conferencing at much as possible !

Here is our selection of the best videoconferencing tools for sports coaches:

  1. Google Duo: free and default app with Android phones. It can be installed on Apple easily.
  2. Zoom: very good free video conferencing software depending on your plan. Especially useful in case you need to connect many people at once, for group lessons for example.
  3. Facetime: only on Apple products, but free and very easy to use.
  4. Skype: a little more complicated, but free and still famous for business customers.
  5. Google Meet: very good, only available on Google Chrome browser.


Tips#3 : Smart watches to stay connected

To monitor the pulse of your clients' training remotely, make sure that your clients have connected their watch / heart rate monitor to the Hexfit app. You will have access to their training information quickly and easily to support your clients in their training as if you were next to them.

TO KNOW - Your clients do not have a connected watch(yet)? Hexfit offers discounts that you can pass on to your customers. Find these promotions in your Hexfit account by clicking on your name at the top right, then on "Promo Codes".

Tips #4 : Adapt your training sessions !

The next few weeks will definitely be different from what we are used to. For some gym enthusiasts, the question "how can I train from home?" will arise.

It is in these situations that healthcare professionals like you are so important. You have the knowledge to adapt the plan so that your clients can reach their goals despite the circumstances. You can, for example, offer shorter programs requiring everyday items.

To help you with this adaptation of exercises, use the advanced filter "Free" in the list of equipment in the software search engine. You will thus find exercises which use the body weight, very usefull for home training!

Tip#5 : Forms for remote tracking

There will certainly be a decrease in motivation in the coming days: it is not easy to continue training at home. Put the odds on your side by creating post-workout questions:

  1. In the Administration-> Manage documents tab, create a questionnaire for all kinds of subjects (ask the level of motivation, the difficulty, to update a data or a physical test, etc.).
  2. Once the questionnaire has been created, schedule it to be sent automatically on a regular basis from the Activities calendar in your client's file (or even in the calendar of a group containing 100% of your clients)
  3. Questionnaires you set will be automatically sent at the time you want.
  4. Finally, your clients will receive a push notification on their phone to complete the form.

What better way to keep your customers motivated and allow you to keep track?

In short, there is certainly a way to keep your customers and make you stand out with the quality of service despite the exceptional situation which we are in. Be original and human in your service using Hexfit to stay updated and keep active contact.

In all cases, do not hesitate to contact us to apply these tips and tricks!


Hexperts, from Hexfit

Étienne Dubois

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