How to keep your fitness clients

For fitness pros, customer retention is a major struggle. Knowing that it costs 7x less to keep a customer than it does to try to acquire a new one, keeping your customers happy should be a priority.

To keep your customers for a long time, you need to provide them with a great customer experience. Several factors will influence their experience:

  • The appointment setting process
  • The customer follow-up
  • The tools used

Here is a detailed guide of actions to take to keep your customers fit.


Improve your appointment scheduling process

Scheduling an appointment with your pro should be easy, quick and fun. If your appointment process is cumbersome, clients who are down on motivation will simply drop out.

That's why you need to give them multiple options for booking a session. By offering multiple choices, the likelihood of your clients being discouraged by the process is greatly reduced. With a tool like Mindbody, you have three choices to improve your appointment process.

Via the mobile app

Today, mobile apps have become the norm. If you offer your services on the Mindbody app, you increase your chances of selling because you increase your visibility.

From your website

If you want your customers to book directly on your website, it's possible. Thanks to the Mindbody integration on your schedule, your customers can not only book your services, but also pay. The integration of the reservation system is customized according to your site in order to maintain uniformity. In addition, offer automatic payment directly on your site to increase your membership sales. This way, you will increase your recurring revenue.

Important to note: the reservation system will adapt to mobile devices, which your customers will appreciate. Also, they will be able to ask you for your available time slots.

Via a personalized application

If you decide to go with your own personalized application, your customers will be able to book, buy and receive push notifications. This way, you have a better chance of increasing their loyalty, engagement and spending. Push notifications will allow you to send your customers special offers and event announcements, messages to let them know you'd like to hear from them, and course cancellations.

Optimize your customer follow-up process

The added value of the professional lies in the customer follow-up. This is what differentiates your services from those of a mass market mobile application. It is therefore imperative that you stand out in the follow-up of your customers' objectives.

The steps of a quality customer care

Your clients come to you to achieve their goals. The first thing to do is to determine their goal and establish your plan to get there.

Set a goal 

It is imperative to set a goal from the start. A customer without a goal is a customer who will probably unsubscribe. The objective must be SMART, which means:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Achievable

R: Realistic

T : Temporally defined

If your client's goal is difficult to achieve, set sub-goals together. That way, the client is less likely to get discouraged.

Determines what data to track

The data that will measure the achievement of your client's goal should be measured early in the process. This data should be clearly displayed in the client's file for easy follow-up. With a tool such as Hexfit, this data is collected automatically and will generate customized graphs that you can share with your client.

Examples of data to follow are:

  • Body composition (BMI, % muscle and fat mass, etc.)
  • Aerobic capacity (VO2max, VMA)
  • Results of physical tests (vertical jump, grip strength, 1RM, etc.)

    Establish the game plan to achieve the goal

    It is in this game plan that you will establish a timeline. This step makes the project a reality. To ensure the success of the plan, plan a mid-term re-evaluation. This will allow you to readjust your aim with your client if necessary and to show him that you really care about his progress.

    Assess your client's fitness with physical tests

    By assessing your client in this way, you can easily demonstrate their progress throughout the process. The Hexfit software contains over 140 physical tests ready to be used. These tests are already optimally configured, so all you have to do is select them to perform them. In your client's file, you will find the history of all his tests and the graphs of his evolution.

    Connects smart watches

    By connecting your client's smartwatch, you will have access to a goldmine of information, without any effort. The data automatically collected in Hexfit will tell you the shape of your client and allow you to fine-tune your interventions.

    Create automated alerts

    It is impossible to keep track of all your customers' data manually. That is why you need to create alerts in Hexfit. This way you can intervene at critical moments without increasing your workload. Here are some examples of alerts that will be useful for you: 

    • Your client has a drop in motivation
    • One sub-goal was achieved
    • Your client's program is coming to an end soon
    • It's your client's birthday
    • Your client has reduced expenses by more than 20%
    • Your client has not trained for 2 weeks

    You will be informed of the most important moments in your client's fitness process.

    Doing proactive follow-ups

    There's no need to wait for a session with your client to check in. Instead, by proactively following up with messaging on the Hexfit mobile app, you show your client that reaching their goal is a priority for you and that you are working for them outside of the hours together.

    Share progress charts

    Your client doesn't necessarily see his own progress. It is up to you to share the evolution graphs generated thanks to the data collected. This way, your client will be able to see his evolution and be proud of his progress.

    If you want to learn more about data, graphs and training load tracking, read our article on the subject!

    When it comes to training programs, you need to make sure your clients enjoy their programs. If they hate a particular exercise and always avoid it, it will be a good excuse to abandon their program. 

    With Hexfit, you can easily modify and diversify programs. The exercise bank contains over 17,000 exercises that you can filter according to your clients' needs. This way, you are sure to find an exercise that your client will enjoy.

    Use technology to your advantage

    The tools for tracking fitness clients have evolved a lot in the last few years. As a pro, it is your responsibility to evolve with the industry.

    Using an Excel file to track your clients is a huge mistake. Not only is it a huge waste of time spent doing data entry, it is also giving up on quality follow-up for your clients.

    Tools such as Hexfit and Mindbody can save you valuable time, increase the quality of your services and prove your professionalism to your clients.

    No matter which tools you choose, you must make sure that :

    1. The tool is connected to your other software (to avoid manual data entry)
    2. You can easily reach customer service if you have any questions
    3. You will be able to upgrade your services with the tool
    4. The tool will enhance your customers' experience
    5. You use the tool to its full potential

    If you want to know more about the usefulness of a customer tracking software, read our article on the subject!

    In short, using a tool like Mindbody or Hexfit will give you peace of mind. These tools will allow you to : 

    Camille Boutin

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