How to make your Hexfit subscription profitable?

As a business or self-employed person, you should always look for a profit on your investment.

This rule even applies to a management software like Hexfit.

Here is a list of things to do to make your Hexfit subscription profitable. 






Increase your rates

This is the easiest and most logical.  With Hexfit, your clients have access to better tracking. Whether it's because of the premium mobile app, our scheduling tools, program creation, connection to watches, etc.

Hexfit allows you to create more perceivable value for your clients. 

This is why our users normally increase their prices by 30% after installing the software.

 Increase your rates by 30%

If you are at %50/hour, by switching to Hexfit you can charge $65/hour. That’s %300 more in your pocket in just 20 appointments per month.

 Discover all our advices in our article

"3 steps to increase your prices without losing customers".

Logiciel Hexfit

Develop new services

You already have a business with customers, the easiest way to grow is to develop new services for the same customers. Since they already trust you, it will be much easier to sell them.

Here are some examples of services that our clients have added to their offer using Hexfit:

Individualized follow-up

If you are still doing just group classes, it is important to add an individual follow-up offer. Many of your clients already want it.

Use the different features to determine a follow-up package, whether it is basic or much more advanced. 

If you are already doing follow-ups, go to the next point to learn how to develop new services.

If you're not doing follow-ups, add them to your offer, many clients are requesting them.

For example:

  • Level 1 : Individualized programs
  • Level 2 : Personal coaching  
    • Programes + motivation follow-up
    • With or without in-person PT session
  • Level 3 : Advanced follow-up 
    • Periodization + programs + motivation + graphs

 Integrate individual follow-up in my offer


If you already have individualized follow-up, you can add other chargeable services:

Remote tracking in addition to in-person

Consider offering more than the standard one-hour session. A remote follow-up can allow you to increase the number of sessions taken by a coachee in addition to better meeting the needs of the clients.

The value of your time is as important remotely as it is in person, so you can charge the same price.

Create a remote offer

Imagine that you sell 5 remote follow-ups for $50/month, that's already $250/month. And most of the time, they are between 150 and 300... so it goes up fast!

Assessments and physical tests

Do you perform assessments at the beginning and repeatedly afterwards? 

If not, you're missing a great opportunity. Physical tests and evaluations increase the perceived professionalism and value of your clients and also increase your revenue.

In fact, you can charge more for an assessment session than for a regular one. It is not uncommon for the first meeting to be 50% more expensive than subsequent meetings.

How to do qualitative assessments with Hexfit:

I charge for evaluations

It's not uncommon to see a first evaluation appointment for $100, just sell 1/month to pay off your subscription

Sell connected watches (and analyse the data)

You can also sell equipment to your clients: the same equipment that will make it easier for them to achieve their goals!

For example, you could sell connected watches like Garmin. 

In addition to generating revenue for you, you can track the data in Hexfit - like a health record of each customer - and thus increase the perceived value or create different offers.

Check out the list of connected watches in our "Smartwatches and apps” page.

Did you know that Hexfit has discount codes on several models? Write to us! You can either offer them to your customers or order the watch for them and make a profit!

 I  am now selling equipment

A Garmin watch costs on average 500$. Hexfit offers you a 20% discount. If you sell the watch and keep the discount, you make $100.

Stop billing by the hour

It is important today to change your hourly rates to a fixed rate. This allows you to increase your rates easily and increases the value perception of your customers.

With the Hexfit software, you can offer a fixed rate, taking in consideration the whole life of the customers.

Read this article : 


Now I have fixed rates

With an appropriate value creation, a subscription can easily be 10-20% more expensive than what your clients are currently paying in hourly rates. If you sell 4 follow-ups / month at $50, you can make $40 more just from 1 client!

Build customer loyalty (+200% retention)

It is often said that keeping a customer costs 7x less than finding a new one. Especially because a happy customer attracts other customers!

Hexfit, with all its features, allows you to increase your customer retention by 200%. This means more money in your pocket.

By extending the life of a single $200/month customer by an additional 1 month, you have just paid back your Hexfit subscription.

Here's how to replicate those results:


More human time with your customers

By centralizing 100% of the information in Hexfit, you will gain speed. With the software, you are faster to look at your past notes, see the evolution of your client, create programs and everything else.

This time you save, you must transform it into personal time. Take the time to listen to your client.

Track customer motivation

Your client is going to lack motivation in the process of achieving their goals at some point. It is inevitable. The important thing is not to avoid the moment when your client lacks motivation, but rather to see it coming.

To do so, prepare a motivation document (already available by default in Hexfit), and schedule it to be sent automatically once a week. When his motivation level decreases, it will be time to call him back, adjust his program, sell him an in-person session to motivate them or anything else you think is relevant.

In short, the important thing is that you will keep them as clients!


I track my clients' motivation

Create an alert to track your clients (based on their goals)


The increase of your clientele should not affect the quality of your support. However, if you rely on your memory to do your follow-ups, you have a maximum capacity of clients before the quality of your services decreases.

So you need to create alerts. An alert is an automatic notification based on a criteria that you have defined.

For example, if your client is in the process of losing weight and this morning she weighs herself and has gained weight, you can be sure that she will not be very motivated to continue. And she will have doubts about your expertise.

It is therefore essential to set up a close follow-up by sending a survey. Your client enters her weight and, if it is above the previous value, you are notified.

I create alerts based on my clients' goals

Show real results

The impact of your work on your clients is long term and often difficult for them to perceive. 

To maintain your credibility and expertise, your clients need proof.

It is important to present them a pathway, a plan, that you will have created to achieve their goals. They need to feel supported.

You also need to demonstrate that you're tracking them, not just sailing blind. To do this, you need data (weight, measurements, activity time per week, sleep time, etc.).

The ideal way to make your clients see their progress is to use graphs.

Acquire more clients


Hexfit allows you to improve the quality of your services and increase the perceived value of your services. These 2 elements will have a direct impact on word-of-mouth. 

Make sure you get the most out of it by asking your clients to recommend you to their friends and family.


Spend more time exploring

Hexfit saves you an average of 3.5 hours per week. You can use this time to find new customers!

All you have to do is find 1 customer per month with this time and your subscription will pay itself off!

In short 

  Increase your rates by 30%

  Integrate individual follow-up in my offer

  Create a remote offer

  Charge for assessments

  Start selling equipment

  Establish fixed rates

  Track my customers' motivation

Create alerts based on my customers' goals



Last but not least, we advise you to bookmark this article! You'll probably be coming back to it a lot in the next few weeks!
Camille Boutin

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