How to create interactive programs for your clients

This article from a Hexfit Webinar discusses the two major building blocks of a training program. Whether you are a sports coach, fitness trainer, kinesiologist or trainer, having a tool to quickly build interactive training programs will make all the difference in your clients' follow-ups. These interactive sessions motivate your clients while demonstrating the seriousness of their professional.

Thousands of exercises at your fingertips

Une fois connecté à ton espace coach, tu auras accès à 10 000 fiches d’exercices. Tu visualises facilement les exercices grâce aux images et vidéos ainsi que les consignes d'exécution. Pour chaque exercice, tu trouveras également des exercices similaires qui pourront venir compléter ta séance.
De plus, avec Hexfit tu peux ouvrir l’ensemble des domaines de l’activité physique et ce, quel que soit le niveau de ton client. Si ton client pratique le basket, il te suffit de taper dans la barre de recherche “basket” pour découvrir une multitude d’exercices dédiés à ce sport.
Hexfit est en perpétuelle évolution. Donc, si tu ne trouves pas un exercice, il te suffit de nous faire remonter l’information et en 24/48 heures, nous l’ajoutons à la base de données.

"Hexfit is, to date, the largest exercise database in the world."


Great freedom and more creativity

You can also be creative with Hexfit. Type in the search bar "push up" for example. You will find all the exercises similar to "push up". And the more precise you are in your search term, the more targeted the exercises will be.

By adding the minus sign "-" to your search term you eliminate the filters placed after it. For example, if you are looking for exercises without bosu, you only need to enter the term "-bosu" to find only exercises without using bosu.

"It's ideal if you have a fragile or at-risk clientele because you can easily find alternatives to traditional exercises."


Customize the name of each exercise

For your convenience and to save time, Hexfit allows you to change the name of each exercise.

Each coach or trainer uses different terms to describe a similar exercise. This is why you can customize each exercise in the Hexfit database. This way you avoid wasting time searching for an exercise because the term is not the one you use.

Creating a training program with Hexfit


In this section you will find all the training templates. You can share them, clone them, modify the information or the program.

All programs 

Here you will find all your programs, their names, the creator and the beginning and end of them. In a few clicks you can modify them. All you have to do is drag-and-drop the exercises that will make up your workout. Each exercise can be customized (instructions, phases, intensity, rest, intervals, repetitions, load, weight,...).

In each program, you can also add a session that you have cloned. Always with the objective of saving you time.

Once your program is finished, you are invited to choose between publishing it, downloading it, sending it directly by email or printing it (with different options of format, language, font or orientation).

For each workout, you have :

  • its duration,
  • the tonnage,
  • the tension,
  • the number of repetitions,
  • calories burned.

Circuit creation

With Hexfit, you have the possibility to create circuits. You can set up your circuit with a few clicks, including the effort and rest time for each lap, the number of sets and the cycles.

Set goals for your clients

For each client, you can create goals (run 100m in 30 seconds for example). Thanks to the calendar, you will be able to plan events by day, week or month.

Follow the work of your clients

Hexfit goes one step further by offering you a dashboard that allows you to track the work of each of your clients. You know what your client is doing thanks to the details and if they have followed your program.

In the contact section, you can see the progress of your client. For each program created for your client, you can see their results. The color code allows you to know quickly if your client has done what you planned (green), if he has done less (orange) or more (yellow).

Why use an interactive tool to structure training sessions?

Improve the performance of your customers

En tant que professionnel du sport, tu sais que les plans améliorent les performances. Un plan d'entraînement bien construit aide un athlète à améliorer ses performances en mettant de la structure, de la progression et de l'équilibre dans son entraînement. Cela offre également un avantage mental lorsque le sportif est dans une préparation ciblée.

Réduis les risques de blessure

A training plan helps reduce the risk of injury in the same way that it improves performance. It provides structure, progression and balance in your clients' training so that they are always training at a level that is appropriate for their current fitness level.

Only as their fitness level improves and their tolerance to training increases should you begin to increase the volume and intensity. While this sounds like common sense, it is not so common in the real world where ego and emotion drive motivation early in the training process.

Training is always easy in the first few days before fatigue sets in, and as a result, athletes who don't follow a plan tend to overdo things in the beginning and lose motivation or get injured.

If you want your clients to perform at their best, you need to maximize consistency, which means they will train injury-free.

Improves their body composition and energy levels

Unfortunately, many athletes fail to perform at their best, (staying healthy, lean and energetic) not because they don't have a plan that optimizes their workouts.

Training intensity determines where most of their energy comes from - fat or sugar - but few athletes give much thought to the intensity at which they train and the fuels they use.

At Hexfit, we help you structure your training plans with progressive intensities that (combined with dietary advice) help improve the ability to generate energy from fat.

Take control of your schedule

A person who knows what he or she is doing ahead of time is much more likely to execute it than someone who improvises as they go along. As a coach, you may have a lot of clients to manage. That's not to mention the balance of family life, work, social life and training that take up your time and attention.

To optimize consistency, you need to eliminate friction and limit decision fatigue. Having an interactive tool to build your workouts eliminates thinking about what to do on a daily basis because the decision is already made and the details are clear.

When you have a workout plan, you know exactly how long your session is and what you need to do.

Track your clients' progress

When you have a structured workout plan, you have something to track your clients' workouts.

Over time, you will begin to see patterns that will allow you to determine what is working and what is not. Once you know this, it's easy to refine your approach and make changes to your training plan that will help you continue to improve


Camille Boutin

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