Questionnaires and essential tools for sports coaches

As a sports coach, it is not always easy to convince prospects to trust you. Your experience or degrees alone are not always enough, but fortunately, there are simple tools you can use to overcome this.

In this article from a webinar with David Hurst, we will look at the different tools you can use to maximize your chances of turning prospects into clients.

Presentation of the speakers

David HURST - Judoka and trainer

International Judoka, David has a degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from Loughborough University, England. He has trained over 3000 personal trainers and managers, published over 25 industry leading articles and spoken at INSEP and the French Olympic Committee...

David has become a leading authority in the field and shares the best of his insights in this webinar about your future.


The questionnaire is a valuable tool for sports coaches

When a client contacts you to find out more about your services, it is important to understand that this often hides a problem. Indeed, when a person decides to call upon the services of a sports coach, it is because he/she is having difficulties in reaching his/her goals. It can be a weight loss, a fitness training, a physical preparation for a competition,... However, in most cases, these people do not know why they do not succeed. This is why the questionnaire is the starting point of your marketing strategy. 

The questionnaire developed by David Hurst consists of 21 questions divided into 3 categories: 


  1. physical activities
  2. diet
  3. sources of stress and rest

There are 7 overall health risk factors (questions) in each.

The questionnaire is available in the Hexfit platform under the name "Risk factors for your health". It can also be printed or sent directly to the client.

Once the questionnaire is completed, you can then create a diagnosis to alert your prospect or client. Indeed, the automated process allows you to generate a 26-page report/action plan. This report aims to educate the client on each of these risk factors (motivation, advice, nutrition,...). He also has an action plan to improve his lifestyle. This allows the client to become aware of his or her health status and the risks involved if he or she does not act quickly.

The next step is to invite the prospect to make a commercial appointment to sell your services.

Create a climate of trust with your prospect 

Your prospect now has this report/action plan, but he has a problem: how to do it all by himself? He knows what he wants, he knows how to get there with the action plan, but he can't get over those obstacles. 

This is the moment for you as a coach to show your professionalism. To do this, organize a sales meeting, in person, online or by phone, with your prospect and review the report together. See with him what he did not understand and answer his questions. It will then be up to you to use this report to show the advantages of hiring a sports coach. You will be able to make your prospect understand that with a sports coach, he is accountable and that he becomes useful for the client to reach his goals. 

Plus, at this point, your prospect hasn't paid a dime. Offering prospects content before they've even paid anything makes you a generous person. You show that you care about their issues and goals.

All this helps cultivate a climate of trust between you and the prospect, especially if you work online. Because let's not forget, it is difficult to trust an online coach. 

Other tools developed by David Hurst that are essential for sports coaches 

With his experience in personal training, David offers a complete set of tools for sports coaches who want to develop their business. This package includes : 

  • Business interview process (Study of the needs).
  • Presentation of the Solution to fix the client in time.
  • Presentation of the rates with a backup in case of objections.
  • Coaching sales contract. 
  • Contract between coach and fitness club manager.
  • Letter to increase your coaching rates.
  • E-Book to download for potential clients.
  • Questionnaire "Bilan Forme".
  • Programming card.
  • Client education sheet: getting results and reducing health risks.
  • Powerpoint to present a Personal Training launch/re-launch event.
  • Launch guide with turnkey communication steps.
  • Article on the unique weight training series.
  • DISC personality test.
  • TIP CARDS for DISC and adaptation for different types of clients.
  • Rules of conduct for self-employed workers in France (avoid disqualification by URSSAF by respecting the law). 
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