The 5 reasons why you don't sell with Christian Françoise - #Intermediate

For some independent sports professionals, selling their services can be an issue. There are many factors, both conscious and unconscious, that can act as barriers to selling. 

In this podcast, we will review the relationship to marketing services and regain confidence as a professional! 

This is a timeless, universal theme and right now more than ever.

Basics - having confidence in yourself

In your opinion, what is the element that can break a sale?

It's the salesman. If you are not convinced yourself and your speech is not honest, it is impossible for the client to trust your services! 

The impostor syndrome 

We talk about a fear of not being legitimate, so we develop a sense of questioning our own competence.

Some sport and fitness professionals feel that since they are not next to their client during the sale or remote services, their service is of no quality. This is known as the "impostor syndrome". 

The first thing to do in this context is to put things into perspective by distancing yourself from your own requirements and to remove the absolute and perfect character of what you want. We must accept the right to make mistakes and the right to fail.

Some tips: 

1- Be proud of your results, whatever they are! Don't minimize your success!

2- Learn to de-demonize the word "sell". Change your vocabulary, you are not selling, you are providing a service in exchange for a payment. 

Fear of change

Also known as the stress of the unknown, which for some will push them to inhibit their ability to plan, to organize, to imagine, to prepare, etc.

These people become completely paralyzed. When we want to sell, it's the same principle. We ask ourselves a lot of questions that push us backwards. 

To counter this feeling, it is enough to inform yourself and talk with other people about their failures, their successes, the techniques to become better informed.  

Put on paper the advantages and disadvantages as well as your desires! You will highlight all the sides to better project yourself.

Neurological biases

A neurological bias is a thought pattern that creates an illogical interpretation that affects decision making.

We make the wrong decision because we are affected by it.

For example, when a client calls you to do business with your services and mentions that he lives in a more bourgeois neighborhood, you will have a stereotype of this person from the start and will assume that this client is a good client, able to pay. You will create a judgment of this person based on a neurological bias. 



Don't put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Let them make their own decisions without judging them or guiding them to a decision based on your neurological biases.


To find out the other reasons, watch the entire episode!   


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