It is with great pride that we finish the year of 2017. A year filled with growth that is built on a solid foundation of strong partnerships and great clients. As always, transparency is of utmost importance to Hexfit. Therefore, we would once again like to present to you a brief summary of our recent survey and our goals for 2018.


For 2017, we had several objectives, and we can only be proud of our achievement of the vast majority of them! Although, an unforeseen opportunity moved around some of our delivery dates, we were able to adapt and deliver you most of what we had planned. 

Whether it is the new mobile app, the editing of an exercise’s attributes directly in the table, the creation of the therapeutic category, the preview of a client’s file in the list, or the new reports zone, in 2017 we have delivered more than 214 updates! We are happy to have been able to meet your needs and allow you to benefit from these new features on a daily basis.

While this is certainly not the only reason, our attentiveness to your needs has increased the likelihood that you will refer Hexfit from 80% to 91.5%. A considerable increase, although, diminished by the decrease in the satisfaction rate among our nutritionists since we’ve had to postpone the delivery of our longly awaited nutrition module until 2018. Nonetheless, Hexfit has realized a dream, we have delivered our software to the Olympic level. Alongside the pride and features that we have been able to develop for you thanks to this new collaboration, we are conscious of the delays on other aspects. We would like to thank you for your patience.


We are confident for the year 2018 because our vision is clearer than ever; to be the best goal tracking software, allowing you to track the entirety of your client's file and therefore, catalysting them toward goal achievement. 

2017 was an intense year of development. We are conscious that this brought several issues in terms of your general understanding and the consistency of our interface. We would like to keep our human touch with the screen sharing trainings which you appreciate, nonetheless, within the next year we will put into place two sites that will be able to help you:

  • A complete academy that will allow you to become a Hexpert on your own;
  • An online help to answer your questions with the assistance of screenshots.

In addition to this, within the first half of the year, without unsettling your daily practices, we will modify the interface to accelerate many of the daily manipulations you make. From a functions point of view, we will also:

  • Allow the sharing of graphs with your clients;
  • Enable push notifications on the app
  • Improve internal messenger
  • Maximize the objective zone, despite technical limitations;
  • Connect Hexfit to Inbody machines;
  • Once again improve the report zone;
  • Develop the nutrition module;
  • Add the intelligence of displaying information related to your clients.

Our list of new features is not exhausted, we have many other ideas and general improvements to offer you. According to our survey, you are already saving on average 3 hours and 22 minutes every week, and we are sure to be able to increase this thanks to all the upcoming updates! 



In short, the year of 2018 will allow us to structure and perfect our achievements to finally have the means of our ambitions! That of providing you with a quality software that is in continuous development. We are sorry that we are not able to develop all of your proposals, but know that all of your suggestions are taken into account and that we are continuously looking for solutions to satisfy the vast majority of our users. We are pleased with the 90% satisfaction rate you have with our customer service. Our goal is to continue this momentum. Thank you!

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