Client Tracking

Clients file management and progress monitoring

Hexfit contains various tools to help you track your clients and make sure they’re on the right track to achieve their objectives. You will be able to manage all your clients file, whether it is for note taking, physical or physiological data entry and analysis, management of evaluations, documents and even more!

Client Record Keeping

Complete and organize your interventions efficiently

Regroup and manage all the medical and general information about your clients. Take all of your personal and client-related notes directly into Hexfit and let the software organize everything. Manage your workflow effectively by creating tasks, receiving automatic reminders, and easily trace notes from previous interventions.

Monitor Progression

Track and quantify the evolution of your clients

Hexfit collects all sorts of data regarding your clients. These can be inputted in different ways and they will be categorized automatically according to the norms:

  • Manual Inputs
  • Synched from smart devices such as Polar, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.
  • Automatic calculations
  • Physical tests, questionnaires, documents, etc.

Analyze those datas with different graphs in order to help you to track the progression of your clients and adapt your interventions with them.

Evaluations, Physical Tests and Questionnaires

Create and complete your evaluations directly on the software

At any time, you can create your customized documents, assessments, physical tests or questionnaires in Hexfit to complete them directly in the client's file. When completed, these documents can be sent to the client in PDF format and the datas collected can be analyzed using the various tools at your disposal. You can even send the document to be filled by the client through his account. Once again, data will be automatically calculated and others will be categorized according to the standards.


Help your clients to achieve their goals one day at a time!

Plan and manage your clients' workouts, eating plans and activities in the activity calendar. You will also be able to see everything that has been recorded by your clients to optimize their monitoring. They can even synchronize their smart watches with Hexfit so that the details of their workouts appear in the activity calendar automatically. Bring planning to the next level with the periodization tool to plan the different phases to achieve the objectives of your clients.

Hexfit saves you an average of 3.5 hours* per week!

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