Nutrition tool

Create complete nutrition plans

Hexfit makes complete nutrition monitoring possible for your clients by allowing you to create detailed and complete food plans. You can design a nutritional plan that fits exactly what you have in mind, with great flexibility and simplicity. On top of that, it can be shared with your clients in many ways. Thanks to the various tools at your disposal, you can even optimize your follow-up with them and see what they actually ate.

Creating recipes and foods

Customize your food bank to meet your specific needs

Do you want to customize Hexfit's default food bank? No problem, you can modify all existing foods or even create new ones! You can also build your own custom recipe bank. Hexfit even automatically calculates the detailed nutrition facts of the recipes you have just created.

Food bank

Complete and detailed food database

Hexfit's food bank is based on the most recent version of the scientifically-recognized Health Canada database and includes detailed nutrient values for each food.

Quickly find your food using categories and subcategories, plus a smart keyword search engine!

Food Diary

Get feedback on your customers' diet

You can now track in detail what your client consumes each day. Easily and quickly see all the feedbacks your clients give you when they enter the food they eat in the Hexfit app.

Printing and downloading

Export your food plans to PDF or paper without problems!

Once you have finished designing your food plan, you can print it out or download it as a PDF file by choosing the display settings you prefer.

Grocery list

Make it easy for your clients to purchase the necessary foods

Hexfit automatically generates a list of groceries for your client, presenting him the quantity of each of the foods that make up his food plan to help him when he goes do the grocery.

 Nutritional objectives

Define and manage the daily nutritional goals of your customers

Before you start designing your food plan, speed up the process of creating the plan and raise the quality of it by defining the daily nutritional goals to achieve for each desired nutrient. You will then automatically get the percentage of achievement of these goals at the same time you add / remove food from the plan!


Monthly planning of nutritional intake

In the calendar of your client, set the foods that he will have to consume during a given day. The food plans that you create are therefore automatically displayed in the calendar of activities of your client and can be consulted directly from there! Weekly data will also be displayed in the calendar of your client.

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