Hexfit for Your Sports Team

Optimize the tracking of your athletes

With Hexfit, all training, physical tests, datas, graphs, interventions, injuries, etc. saved in your athletes file will be saved forever. You will be able to analyze them and put them in relation with other information in the future. You will also be able to share these with other staff members.

Benefits for Sports Team

A Tool for Everyone in the Team

All for one and one for all

The whole team’s coaching staff will have their own account with specific access related to their role in the team. That way, all staff members will be able to focus on achieving the individual objectives of athletes or the team’s ones!

Time Saving

Let Hexfit be an investment, not an expense

Time is money! Hexfit is designed to save you as much time as possible. According to our most recent survey, professionals using Hexfit save an average of 3.5 hours per week thanks to the software and its tools allowing you to be even more effective!

All ADDITIONAL features

The heart of Hexfit

Sharing Athletes’ Files

Promote interprofessional work within your organization

Thanks to the customer records centralization concept, the information entered by one of the professionals will be available to other employees in the file if the visibility settings allows it. Avoid losing or duplicating information!

Communications Management

Integrated communication tools

In addition to all the athlete tracking features, Hexfit also offers tools to optimize communication among the staff and athletes. You will be able to create groups or chat 1 on 1 with the athletes or staff members. You can even send them documents, questionnaires or forms to complete in order to optimize their follow-up.

Plan Your Athletes Activities

Manage their activity calendar

Thanks to the activity calendar, you will be able to plan all the events of the team. Whether you want to add in your workouts, food plans, team practices or the competition schedule, each activity can be added to the team's file or the athletes' individual file.

Compare the Evolution of Your Athletes

Data analysis and graph comparaison

When working with a group of athletes, we often want to compare someone's results with the team average or even compare to athletes with the same position! With Hexfit, you can analyze and compare data and graphs contextually to give you as much information as possible.

Manage Groups

Manage different teams or groups of athletes

Regardless of the nature of the intervention you want to achieve with a set of athletes, simplify your life by intervening once in the group folder rather than copying the same action in several files!

Continuous Support

We are always there to help implement the software

We are recognized for our outstanding customer service. In addition to training employees to get the most out of the software, we offer a variety of tools to improve the use and effectiveness of your team with the software. Among other things, we provide you with a live chat with Hexperts with an average response time of one minute! You will benefit from our experience in implementing Hexfit in companies like yours.

Are you a high level team?

Performance Extension

For those who still want more

If you want to dig even deeper in analyzing the data of your athletes by monitoring the level of fatigue, the workload, the sRPE, and more, the high level extension of INSQ will answer your specific needs.


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