Most used exercises

Rowing Machine
Triceps Extension With Rope
Inclined Leg Press Medium Stance
Leg Curl On Machine
Machine Leg Extension
Dumbbell Press
Goblet Squat
Seated Cable Row Neutral Grip
Barbell Bench Press Medium Grip
Isometric Front Plank On Elbows
Barbell Back Squat Medium Stance
Front Lat Pull Down
Dumbbell Bent Over Row
Front Plank On Elbows
Forward Lunges
Seated Leg Curl On Machine
Standing Dumbbell Side Raise
Incline Dumbbell Chest Press
Stationary Bike
Leg Press Machine
Chest Fly Pec Deck
Dumbell Bulgarian Split Squat
Standing Neutral Dumbbell Biceps Curl
Pec Machine
Seated 90° Shoulder Dumbbell Press
Standing Barbell Biceps Curl
Glutes And Hip Stretch Crossing Legs
Dumbbell Sumo Squat
Push-Up Medium Stance
Supine Swiss Ball Leg Curl
Standing Pulley Biceps Curl
Lat Pulldown Inclined Pronation Grip
Barbell Hip Thrust
Russian Kettlebell Swing
Quadriceps Stretch
Hammer V-Squat
Elastic Lateral Arm Extension
Inclined Straight Back Lumbar Extension
Standing Barbell Military Press
Dumbbell Fly Neutral Grip
Dumbbell Back Fly
Back Fly On Machine
Dumbbell Triceps Extension Lying On Bench
Mountain Climber
Russian Twist With Plate
Seated Row Machine Wide Grip
Skipping Rope
Inclined Push-Up On Bench
Jumping Jack
Abdominal Dip Leg Raises
Cable Lat Pull Down Arms Straight
Machine Shoulder Press
Dips-Hanging Triceps Extension
Dumbbell Biceps Curl + Shoulder Press
Convex And Concave Back Position
Sled Pushing
Push-Up On Knees
Elbow Plank On Swiss Ball
Box Jumps Forwards And Backwards
Side Plank Split Feet Hand On Hip
Abductors Machine
Arnold Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Cable Seated Row Pronation Grip
Trx-Sbt Narrow Rows Elbows Close To Body
Flexibility-Calf Stretch
Swiss Ball Crunch
Dumbbell Split Squat Knee To The Ground
Chin-Ups Medium Grip
Side Crunch
Barbell Bent Over Row Flat Back
High Knees On Spot
Elbow Extension On Bench
Barbell Bench Press Medium Grip
Machine Chest Inclined Press
Crunch Hands On Knees
Alternated Db Step Up
Psoas Stretch
Face Pull On Cable
Dead Bug
Barbell Bent Over Row Close Grip
Adductors Machine
Aletrnated Dumbbell Single-Leg Deadlift
Band Shoulder Mobilization
Dumbbell Bent Over Row
Alter Ntrl Supine Db Biceps Curl No Pause
Plank Shoulder Tap
Wide Grip Pull-Ups
Dead Bug With Stability Ball
Hex Bar Deadlift
Db Step Up 1 Leg Free
Inclined Trx Row Elbow High
Arms With Opposite Leg Raise
Lateral Step With Rubber Band
Squat To Hips Up Mobility
Shoulder Stretch On Wall
Back Lunge
Db Walking Forward Lunge
Machine Row
Db Shoulder Front Raise
1 Arm Seated Cable Row Neutral Grip
Abdominal Leg Raise Hip Flexion
Dumbbell Thruster
Biceps Barbell Curl
Dumbbell Squat Shoulder Press
Easy Bar Prone Grip Head Crusher
Abdominal Crunch Legs Vertical
Machine Calves Raise
Hip Raise
Neck Trapezius Stretch
Cross-Legged Abdominals Crunch
Barbell Upright Row
Half-Kneeling Hip Quad Stretch
Hammer Lat Pull Down Reverse Grip
Dumbbell Crunch
Swiss Ball Plank Knee Pull Under
Flexibility-Shoulder Stretching
Standing Hamstrings Stretching
Seated Inclined Db Biceps Curl
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension
Side Plank
Inclined Barbell Press
Hip Adductors Stretch
Superman Opposite Leg Arm
Standing Cable Crossover Chest Fly
Deadlift Knees Bent
Chair On Wall
Abdominal Leg Push & Pull
Stir The Pot
Back Shoulder Buttock Flexibility
Machine Triceps Extension
Seated Db Lateral Arm Raise
Back Bridge On Heels
Standing Pallof Press (Horizontal)
Arm Rotations Forward Backward
World Greatest Stretch 2
Biceps Curl On Machine
Machine Pect Press
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension Neutral Grip
Dumbbell Squat
Mountain Climber Obliques
Rb Free Squat
Lateral Stretch Of The Back
Machine Decline Chest Press
Seated Back Stretch Foot On Knee
Dumbbell Chest Press Lying On The Ground
Dumbbell Forward Lunge
Bb Stiff Leg Deadlift
Seated Cable Row Supination Grip
Inclined Back Stretch
Dumbbell Chair On Wall
Push-Up Hands Elbows
Cable Triceps Extension
Flat Db Chest Press On Sb
Inclined Lat Pulldown Supination Grip
Squat From Chair
Kb Sumo Squat Upright Row
Abdominal Hip Raise Leg Straight
21 Dumbbell Biceps Curl
Seated Ez Bar Supine Preacher Curl
Mb Slam Throw
Db Deadlift Knees Bent
Bb Front Squat
Push-Up Dumbbell Plank Row
Bent Over Triceps Kick Back
Alternated 2 Arms Rope Wave
Inclined Cable Lat Pull Down Neutral Grip
Straight Jump-Wide Stance
Latissimus Dorsi Stretching
Dumbbell Biceps Curl
Air Bike
Burpees Crossfit
Standing Dumbbell Press
Inclined Dumbbell Back Fly
Elbow Side Plank Trunk Rotation
Pigeon Pose
Deep Squat Heavy Ball Throw On Wall
Alternated Db Plank Row
Push-Ups Elbows Close To Body
Sit Db Biceps Curl Neutral To Supine
Leg Scissors
Push-Ups Medium Stance
Circuit 1
Shoulder Stretch
Horizontal Wood Chop
Inverted Row 10_20 Degrees
Suspended Knee Raise
Hydraulic Leg Extension Leg Curl
Dumbbell Pull Over Arms Straight
Barbell Bent Over Row Supination Grip
Quadricep Massage On Roller
Db Squat Back On Sb On Wall
Thoracic Rotation With Shoulder Rotation
Barbell Bent Over Row Pronation Grip
Sb Hands To Feet Feet To Hands
Body Weight Walking Lunge
Barbell Sumo Deadlift Close Grip
Barbell Pronation Biceps Curl
Close Grip Bb Bench Press
Seated Db Shoulder Press Neutral Grip
Ankle Flexion Extension On Step
Seated Inclined Heavy Ball Press Isometric Abs
Side Lying Quadriceps Stretch
Dumbbell Press Neutral Grip
Passive Thoracic Extension Over Foam Roller
Back Flexibility-Trunk Rotation
Water Break
Hamstring Stretch With Rubber Band
Pull Ups On Machine
Elbows Plank 1 Leg Raise
Trx Pec Press
Db Stiff Leg Deadlift
Bent Over Over Row
Flexibility-Shoulders Chest Stretching
Pulley Row-Bi Lower
Burpees Without Jumps
Dumbbell Back Lunge
Standing Rubber Band Arm Push
Hanging 90° Knee Raise
Inclined Db Biceps Curl
Trunk - Outer Thigh Stretching
Iliotibial Tract Massage On Roller
Jack Knife Crunch On Bench
Seated Shoulders Db Press
Abdominal Crunch On Machine
Flexibility-Back Stretching
Day 2
1 Arm Triceps Extension On Pulley Pronation
Stationary Bike
Inclined 1 Leg Press
Inclined Dumbbell Fly Neutral Grip
Combo Db Lateral & Front Raise
Hammer Machine Seated Row
Pec Minor Stretch (Doorway)
Band Dead-Bug
Spiderman Plank High Position
Lat Pulldown Neutral Grip
Push Up Smith Machine
Swiss Ball Lenghten On Elbow
Shuffle Step With Rubber Band
Forward Step Up
Trx-Sbt Squat
Squat Jump Hands On Hips
Leg Raise On Bench Press
Day 1
Bb Romanian Deadlift
Standing High Pulley Cable Row
Dumbbell Farmer Walk
Bridge With Elastic Around Knee
Wheel Push On Knees
Cable Lat Pull Down Neutral Grip
Circuit 2
Dumbbell Abdominal Jack Knife
Lying Dumbbell Pull Over
Calf Stretch Foot On Wall
Pulley Horizontal Anti-Rotation
Stand Db Side Raise Neutral To Supination
Opposite Leg And Arm Raise From Plank
Inclined Leg Press Open Feet
Crunch On Bosu
Cobra Stretch On The Floor
Natural Walk
Standing Db Shrug
Ab Mat Butterfly Sit-Up
Mb Inclined Crunch Vertical Arms
Db Triceps Extension Neutral Grip
Plank Jumping Jacks
Sliding Leg Curls
Hamstrings Massage On Roller
Db Seated Bent Over Rear Delts
Band Pull Aparts (Underhand)
Single Leg Hip Thrust
Alternating Quadruped Extension Knees Off
Db Batwing Row
Front Plank Hip Twist
90° Db Side Raise And Shoulder Rotation
Plank To Split
Shoulder Rotation
Free Squat
Pulley Bent Over Triceps Extension With Rope
Hamstring Buttock Stretching
Leg Press Machine
Reverse Crunch Knee 90 Side Arms
Incline Db Bent Over Row